1993 80th Anniversary Issue x 2 -$20 Red M00 Notes with OvPT


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The 2 NPA folders on offer here feature 2 mint UNC $20 Fraser and Cole signature banknotes with  consecutively numbered special release red serialing M 00. 

They are each with an 80th Anniversary Folder and the notes have a 1913-1993 OvPT in celebration of the introduction of the first ever predecimal commonwealth banknotes.

This issue had a mintage of less than 5,000 notes which were printed with the special red serialing and the red overprint .

They were the 2nd last series of paper $20 banknotes ever released before being replaced with the Fraser and Evan signatories just prior to the introduction of polymer banknotes.

Given the very limited mintage this $20 NPA Folder Issue makes for a great investment and will appeal likewise to anyone looking for something more unusual within their portfolio. 

Both folders were purchased new but the serial numbers on the folders do not match the notes. This is possibly a packaging error by NPA but it makes them even more unusual.

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