1998 Australia Post FDC – Teapot Of Truth – Michael Leunig – ANDA


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This first day cover was released as part of the ANDA (Australian Numismatics Dealers Association) Exhibition in Adelaide 1998.

Each envelope bears a hallmark post mark in the same design as the stamp issue. This is a unique philatelics offer. The full set of 5 stamps as seen in the original Prestige Booklet are on the cover. Very seldom seen and extremely difficult to acquire. with this postmark.

Stamp collectors and Leunig fans should be highly enthused. The envelope is in mint condition and is a highly collectible item. Your chance to acquire a seldom offered FDC.

Numerous searches on Google have failed to find other similar FDC’s. All the more rare.

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Renowned cartoonist Michael Leunig is undoubtedly one of Australia’s endearing favorites. He is one of the very few Australians to be honored with the “National Trust Living Treasure” accolade in 1999. Celebrating Leunig’s fantastic power of capturing the essences of humanity, peace, love and hope, this envelope is one of five in a series honoring his foresight and uniquely Australian passion. Australian Post Office began in 1970 to produce first day covers featuring distinctive designs for each new stamp issue and with the stamps cancelled by special ‘first day of issue’ postmarks. These official first day covers form a sizeable and very attractive collection for Australian stamp collectors. First day covers are reasonably common however not so with this offer. These official ANDA release First Day Covers are now becoming very scarce indeed. A philatelic delight from the Leunig Collectible Stamps issue.

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