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1998 Leunig’s Teapot of Truth – MNH Complete Set

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Teapot of Truth – Michael Leunig – MNH Full Stamp Set

Here is your chance to acquire the full set of 5 Leunig collectible stamps without the additional cost of purchasing the Prestige booklet. This is a unique philatelics offer.

The full set of 5 mint MNH stamps as seen in the original Prestige Booklet are here. There are more of these on the market but they are becoming increasingly scarcer all the time.

Stamp collectors and Leunig fans should be highly enthused. A great addition to the maximum cards, Prestige Booklet, first day covers and your general Leunig collection.



Even with the immense reach of Google fewer and fewer sets of these are showing themselves. A highly desirable collectible indeed. Renowned cartoonist Michael Leunig is undoubtedly one of Australia’s endearing favorites. He is one of the very few Australians to be honored with the “National Trust Living Treasure” accolade in 1999. Celebrating Leunig’s fantastic power of capturing the essences of humanity, peace, love and hope, these postage stamps honoring his uncanny foresight and uniquely Australian passion. A philatelic delight from the Leunig Collectible Stamps issue.


Leunig was declared one of Australian Living Treasures by the National Trust of Australia in 1999.

Melbourne, his hometown, has taken him into their hearts. Not only has there been a Leunig tram but Leunig featured strongly in the opening ceremony of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. In this performance, the philosophical and mystical nature of his work was on display. It featured a “boy and his duck” and the boy’s dreams and visions. Leunig was heard reading a stanza of his poem as a voice-over. Leunig was also the creator of a popular iGoogle theme.

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