1981 Michael Leunig – The Bedtime Leunig


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122 Pages. Printed by Angus & Robertson, Sydney

Condition: Very Good

The Bedtime Leunig is exactly that. A great book to curl up with and explore the curious, absurd, philosophical and enlightening messages that Leunig has so cunningly penned. His expertise in casting a new light on old subjects as well as his social messages really stand out as does his take on the darker side of lifes humour. To not know and enjoy Leunig’s works is to be missing out on one of lifes true pleasures. If your looking for Australian wit and humour, a pictorial adventure, cariactures and cartoons to warm your life then here they are. Renowned cartoonist Michael Leunig is undoubtedly one of Australia’s endearing favorites. He is one of the very few Australians to be honored with the "National Trust Living Treasure" accolade in 1999. Simply a fabulous cartoon book.

This copy has some griming on the outer page edges and the corners are a little dog eared.

At over 30 years old it has been out of print for quite some time so here is a great opportunity to acquire a very reasonable copy. 

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