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2006 Michael Leunig Sydney Morning Herald Calendar New

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When Noteworthy Collectibles sourced this 2006 Michael Leunig calendar we were delighted. A decade old and in mint condition, it is almost to good to believe.

The rarer Michael Leunig calendars are becoming highly collectible and in the past we have seen our entire stock snapped up by a lucky few.

It has taken 5 years to resource these current offers so please be quick if you are contemplating it. This one reusable the year after next.

Only one in stock from this year.

Your 2006 calendar is reusable in:
2017, 2023, 2034, 2045, 2051, 2062, 2073, 2079, 2090, and 2102.



Year – 2006

Artist – Michael Leunig

Issued by – Sydney Morning Herald – Fairfax Media

Soft cover with a different cartoon for each of the 12 months.

Topic – Australian politics, humour, social commentary

Full colour plates

29.7cm x 21cm (when closed)

ISBN 0610696076694


Quotes from Michael Leunig.

“I saw the Bird of Paradox perching in a tree. “Nothing much,” it said and that meant nothing much to me.” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

“Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

“I think from the time I could open my eyes I was aware that there seemed to be something else going on amongst those around me which was not talked about… there was another truth… ” –  MICHAEL LEUNIG,

“At the very simplest, I think as Van Gogh said and St Francis would have said, we must find nature. Just to be in the presence of nature your feelings and ‘little seedlings’ start to awake. So if we disassociate ourselves from God we cut nature out, too. More and more we turn nature into a commodity, into eco-tourism. But we must integrate it into the way people live every day. ” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

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