2013 Southern Sky Pavo $5 Domed Silver Proof Coin


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Following up on the huge success of the first Australian domed coin in 2012, The Crux Southern Cross, the Royal Australian Mint has delighted us once again with its stunning design masterpiece in pure silver.

Both coins are destined to become very strong collectors items in the years to come. The only small downside on the packaging is that the vulvanised rubber coating the tins has become sticky with storage. It has something to do with the rubber sweating. It is widely reported by purchasers world wide. Neverthless it is the coin housed inside that has the real value. 
The constellation is depicted on the concave surface of the reverse of the coin, with an iridescent colored background of blue and green to accentuate the night sky.

A compass surrounds the border design which carries navigational markers and coordinates from where a viewer can observe this particular constellation.

Certificate of Authenticity included.  Certificate numbers may vary from pictures.

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