2016 Australia Five Dollars Next Generation Banknote DF16


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A super little banknote on offer here from the general prefix banknote range.

Bank fresh and a great purchase if you’re looking to add this series to your collection.

Eventually, clean fresh examples of this series will get more difficult to find.

A great time to start collecting is now.


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One of the most significant changes in the new $5 banknote was the incorporation of the clear top-to-bottom window. While internationally the design trend in polymer banknotes had been to use larger windows, a full-height window of the type included in the new banknote series had not been attempted before. This design presented a number of challenges, both in production and for circulation. So prior to finalising the design, a preliminary set of trials was conducted to test the production readiness of the design and the ability of banknote equipment manufacturers to develop solutions to ensure their equipment could process the new banknotes. A test note was developed based on the general design proposed for the new series featuring a large clear window with multiple security features, a second window with an embossed feature and a third window that allows part of the rolling colour effect to be seen from the other side of the banknote. This test note went through the full production process in a variety of configurations to investigate optimum production conditions and the resulting notes were assessed for durability as well as compatibility with machine-based processing.

RBA Bulletin. Sep.2016

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