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Money Origami Using Australian Bank Notes.

So here is something a little unusual as it involves folding Australia polymer decimal bank notes into various shapes which allows people to create novel gifts for other people. There are a host of origami web sites which will give you directions on how to fold these.   These here are but a few that I have discovered on the internet.

The polymer bank notes used in Australia are quite difficult to fold due to their “spring factor” but with a little perseverance some great results are possible.

 This first one is an Australia Twenty Dollar note folded as a shirt.  These are great when enclosed in a gift card.


 The Australia Ten Dollar bank-note gives Queen Elizabeth II a brand new hat much to the horror of her royally appointed milliner.


Maybe a car or a house is more your thing or this fashionable Australia Fifty Dollar bank note high heel shoe.


Have some fun with your money and make other people’s gifts that little bit more unique. 

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