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This a 1915 one-half mark silver coin from the old German Empire or Kaiserreich.

It has the imperial eagle shown on the obverse with a crown above and a wreath around. The reverse is also decorated with a beautiful ornate wreath.

These coins contain 0.080 troy ounces of silver, so they can never be worth less than their silver value.

This particular example is a middle grade coin and the pictures certainly show its true grade of Fine.

If your looking for a solid middle grade coin to fill the blank in your world coin collection then here is a great opportunity.

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Country    Germany
Year:        1915
Value:       1/2 Mark (0.50)
Metal:        Silver (.900)
Weight:      2.777 g
Diameter:   20 mm
Thickness: 1.05 mm
Shape:       Round
Catalogue: KM 17 :  J16
Mintmarks: A:Berlin; D:Munich; E:Muldenhütten (Dresden); F:Stuttgart; G:Karlsruhe; J:Hamburg


Deutsches Kaiserreich silver coins are a big part of Germany’s Imperial era legacy. To most investors, these imposing coins bring back memories of a strong, united and dominant German state that forged the character and values of its people for the years to come.

When the Deutsche Reich was founded in 1871 after victory in the Franco-German War, the state was also granted the prerogative of coinage. According to a decision of the Federal Assembly of 7th December 1871, alphabetic characters were allocated to the individual Mints for identification purposes. They were arranged according to the order of priority at that time, with the letter “A” representing the Berlin Mint. Berlin was the capital city of the Kingdom of Prussia after 1451. Other mints included D:Munich; E:Muldenhütten (Dresden); F:Stuttgart; G:Karlsruhe; J:Hamburg.

The German Empire existed until the defeat in World War I in 1918. When the empire collapsed overnight following the November 1918 Revolution, Wilhelm II abdicated.The revolutionary period lasted from that time until the establishment of the Weimar Republic in August 1919.The defeat and aftermath of World War I, and the penalties imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, shaped the positive memory of the Empire, especially among Germans who distrusted and despised the Weimar Republic.

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