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This coin is in great condition given its age and history. The pictures show only minor marking with a good clean solid rim and sharp details.

Prior to German unification the Vereinsthaler or union thaler was a standard silver coin throughout most of the German States as well as Austria.

The previous Thaler was based on the Prussian version which did contain more silver. This particular coin here however contained 16 and two thirds grams of silver.  A German Pfund was the equivalent of 500 grams and this coin has one thirtieth of a metric pound. This is shown on the coin.

On the Obverse we have the Laureate bust facing right and the legend with the words FREIE STADT FRANKFURT (Free City Frankfurt).

On the Reverse we have the crowned eagle with wings opened wide and the legend ZWEI VEREINSTHALER. XV EIN PFUND FEIN  (Two Union Thaler 30 One Pound Fine)

Around the edge of the coin we see the words STARK IM RECHT (Strong in law).

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The Vereinsthaler was used as the base for several different currencies. In Prussia and several other northern German states, the Vereinsthaler was the standard unit of account, divided into 30 Silbergroschen, each of 12 Pfennig.

In Saxony, the Neugroschen was equal to the Prussian Silbergroschen but was divided into 10 Pfennig. 

Other states like Hanover, used the name Groschen rather than Silbergroschen for a coin of 12 Pfennig and the Mecklenburg states and Hesse-Kassel districts used entirely distinct subdivisions.

In southern Germany, states including Bavaria used the Gulden as the standard unit of account, with 1.75 Gulden equal to 1 Vereinsthaler. The Gulden was divided into 60 Kreuzer.

Each Kreuzer was worth 4 Pfennig or 8 Heller. Something akin to pennies and half pennies.

Within the Austrian Empire and then later in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a different Gulden was produced which was locally known as the Florin or, in Hungarian, Forint was the unit of account, with 1.5 Gulden equal to 1 Vereinsthaler. This Gulden was divided into 100 Kreuzer.

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