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This thaler issued in 1871 is in a middle grade.

The Obverse of the coin shows wear across the word BAVARIAE and there is a small dint in the rim.

Overall it makes a good collection filler for this year and series.

The pictures are full sized to enable you to judge the condition for yourself.

Additional information



Born 25 August 1845 – Died 13 June 1886

Ludwig II had the full name of Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm. The English referred to him as Louis II. He was the King of Bavaria from 1864 until just shortly before his death. 

During his time he amassed a raft of various names mainly due to his quirky nature and fantasy full life style that often threatened to bankrupt the kingdom with his massive bouts of spending.  Other names were, “The Swan King” or the “Fairy Tale King” which in German was translated to “der Märchenkönig”. Duke of Bavaria, Franconia and in Swabia as well as Count Palantine of the Rhine.  The most common of the names by which he is remembered was, “Mad King Ludwig”.

It is true that his younger brother and successor, Otto, was certifiably insane and the label was attached to Ludwig as a form of hereditary madness.  he had always wanted to remain in the sight of others as an eternal enigma which he achieved in a somewhat bizarre manor by which he died. After he was deposed he was sent with a doctor into confinement / captivity at Castle Berg on Lake Starnberg. The very next day both he and his attending doctor were found dead in knee deep water in the lake.

Ludwig extraordinary legacies include the ever famous “Disneyland Castle” Neuschwanstein and several other palaces that were lavish beyond belief. he was a patron of the arts and a solid supporter of Richard Wagner the composer.

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