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1842 Hessen Ludwig II Grossherzog Ein Gulden Silver Coin


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This is a unique and lovely coin. 

Of all the Gulden coins released around this time across Germany, Hessen had one of the smallest mintages.

This example here is in very reasonable condition for its age as per the pictures and it is definately priced to sell.

Lesser examples are trading for considerably more if you can find them.




Hessen Darmstadt
LUDWIG II. 1830-1848
1 Gulden 1842
Jg. 39. AKS 105.


Ludwig II of Hesse and by Rhine also known as Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine was born in 1777 and died 1848.

He was the eldest son of Ludwig I who passed away in 1830.

At the age of 27 in 1804 he married Karlsruhe Princess Wilhelmine of Baden.  Wilhelmine was the daughter of Crown Prince Karl

Ludwig of Baden.

His official title was Prince Ludwig until the death of his father in 1830 whereby he was appointed Grand Duke as a member of the Grand Ducal Prince of the First Chamber of the Estates of the Grand Duchy of Hesse.

Although he spent some time in Erfurt the bulk of his reign was in Darmstadt.  He worked with Prime Minister Karl du Thil on monetary and fiscal policy reforms which were begun by his father which in turn led to the uprising of Upper Hesse.  The outcome of the March revolution found Ludwig unable to cope with the pressures and he granted his son Ludwig III co-regency in 1948.

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