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This older middle grade coin is more than a 150 years old as as such deserves an appropriate amount of respect. 

The overall quality is a middle grading. Whilst showing some wear on both sides in the form of pock marks and some light scratches the coins reverse has undergone some light abrasion whilst mixed with other coins that have flattened the design work on the coat of arms.

Coins of this era and type were not so numerous in the number minted and as a result they hold a higher price due to their rarity. 

This one is certainly priced to sell and makes a great beginners coin for this era and region of German coins. 

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The rather distinguished gentleman on the obverse of this coin is Frederick William I. He was born in Hanau in 1802 and lived until 1875. He was destined to be the last in the line of Elector and Prince Regent in the district of Hessen-Kassel from the original House of Hesse, the House of Hesse coat of arms is on the reverse of the coin.

His life and times saw many changes in the state of Hessen, a great many of which were brought about by the revolution of 1848.  It was clearly a period in Germany of great upheaval as in 1866 the end came for his time in Hessen.  He was tired of the pressures brought to bear on him by Prussia and decided he would cast his lot with Austria instead. Without delay upon hearing the news Prussian troops descended on his electorate and he was taken prisoner and sent to Stettin. He was eventually released to find most of his lands and chattels had been confiscated with the exception of his house. Even this luck was not to hold as in 1868 the house was seized to pay off Prussia for the problems he had caused them.

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