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When released on 1 August 1917 the world was in turmoil as the powers in Europe fought madly over their territories.

This banknote despite showing some wear and some creases remains a collectible snap shot of the era,

No discernable tears or pin holes places it in a slightly higher grade.

Banknotes issued by the Darlehenskassen in this period can command quite good prices.

This makes this offer a highly affordable chance to fill in a gap within your collection.



Date: 1 Aug 1917
value: 5 Mark
Issuer: Deutsches Reich, Germany
Size: 125 mm x 80 mm
Serial: Y18633951
Catologue: Rosenberg. 54c


With the war steadily grinding on in Europe the value of metals soared as they were required for the building of weapons, vehicles and other supplies. Metals became far more valuable than paper and as a result a large number of banking institutions made the switch to the cheaper format.

It really was the first signs of the onset of hyperinflation and although it would take a further six years to peak and collapse the economy the writing was on the wall.

The banknotes did however offer a huge chance for a wealth of art work designs and it was not long before colorful and even masterful designs were being issued all over Germany. The nature of the art work, the beautiful imagery and the historical content, social and religious proverbs, that were often placed upon them soon made them forever popular amongst collectors both in Germany and overseas.

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