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1974 $2 Election Propaganda Money Reject The Splitters

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1972 saw¬†the advent of the Hutt River Province claiming itself as an independent Principality within Australia under its self elected Prince,¬†Leonard George Casley, who styles himself as “Prince Leonard”.

These election money notes were handed out at the time of the Whitlam Governments election campaign in 1974 asking people to go against the claim for a independent sovereign state within our borders and to not support Prince Leonard or Lang Hancock.

Secession was on the agenda while Lang Hancock (the mining magnate) was making his fortune, but only the principality of Hutt River, ruled by Prince Leonard succeeded to a certain degree.

A unique piece of Australiana looking at one mans attempt to split of from the Commonwealth.



163mm wide x 80mm high

Clean and crisp and near new condition.

Bright clean colours


The Principality of Hutt River, previously known as the Hutt River Province, is the oldest micronation in Australia. The principality claims to be an independent sovereign state and to have achieved legal status on 21 April 1972, although it remains unrecognised by Australia or other nations.

The principality is located 517 km (354 mi) north of Perth, near the town of Northampton in the state of Western Australia. If considered independent, it is an enclave of Australia. The principality was founded on 21 April 1970 by Leonard George Casley, who styles himself as “Prince Leonard”, when he and his associates proclaimed their secession from Western Australia. The principality is a major regional tourist attraction.

Leonard Casley is considered to be the founding father of the micro-secession movement with dozens of micronations around the world established after being inspired by his success. Australia is home to almost half of the world’s micronations. The matriarch of the principality, “Princess” Shirley Casley, died on July 7, 2013

The Principality of Hutt River is situated 517 km (354 mi) north of Perth, along the Hutt River. It is about 75 square kilometres (29 sq mi; 19,000 acres) in size. Exports include wildflowers, stamps and coins and agricultural produce which is also exported overseas. Tourism is also important to the economy with 40,000 tourists, predominantly from overseas countries, visiting the principality every year.

While the principality has only 23 actual residents, it claims a worldwide citizenry of 14,000. The principality has no standing army, but a number of its citizens have been awarded military commissions. Honorary guardsmen attend Casley on formal occasions and, despite being completely landlocked, naval commissions have been conferred on supporters of the principality.

*all history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes

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