1975 $3 Election Propaganda Money Scandals


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Here on offer is another anti-Labour Party pre-election bank note handout.

Valued at the sum of $3 and bearing the image of Gough Whitlam with the title Gough Drop as a witty word play on his name.

Ever popular at the polling booths in the mid 70’s these bank note format election leaflets were very popular.

Not a lot of them survived as most were discarded as election junk. Those that did are now considered collectibles some 40 years on. They are a part of our nations political history and a very turbulent time it was in the mid 70’s.

Gough Whitlam’s cabinet was rocked by scandal after scandal all of which assisted Malcolm Fraser in gathering the support he needed to have him dismissed by the Governor General John Kerr.

Dr Jim Cairns was prime amongst these scandals when news of his affair with Junie Morosi, one of his staffers, leaked out.

In 2002 some 2 years after the death of his wife and 27 years after the scandal erupted, Dr. Cairns the former Federal Treasurer, finally admitted having gone to bed with Miss Morosi in an interview with Annabel Crab from The Age newspaper.

This election note is wonderful condition and has a near new appearance. It has obviously been stored well over the past 4 decades.

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163mm wide x 80mm high

Clean and crisp and near new condition.

Bright clean colours


James Ford “Jim” Cairns (4 October 1914 – 12 October 2003), Australian politician, was prominent in the Labor movement through the 1960s and 1970s, and was briefly Deputy Prime Minister in the Whitlam government. He is best remembered as a leader of the movement against Australian involvement in the Vietnam War, for his affair with Junie Morosi and for his later renunciation of conventional politics. He was also an economist, and a prolific writer on economic and social issues, many of them self-published and self-marketed at stalls he ran across Australia after his retirement.

In December 1974, Whitlam appointed Cairns to the senior economic portfolio, Treasurer. This was the high-point of Cairns’s political career. On Christmas Day 1974, while Whitlam was overseas, Cyclone Tracy devastated the city of Darwin, and Cairns as Acting Prime Minister impressed the nation with his sympathetic and decisive leadership. It was during this period, however, that Cairns hired Junie Morosi as his principal private secretary, and he soon began a relationship with her which would eventually help ruin his career.

*all history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes

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