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1983 Australia Two Dollars – KQR

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Well handled note with some wrinkling and light soiling but still overall clean and bright and a reasonably nice note. .





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Obverse:John Macarthur (1766 – 11 April 1834) was a soldier, entrepreneur, politician and pioneer of the Australian wool industry.

Reverse:William James Farrer (3 April 1845 – 16 April 1906) was a leading Australian agronomist and plant breeder. Farrer is best remembered as the originator of the “Federation” strain of wheat, distributed in 1903. His work resulted in significant improvements in both the quality and crop yields of Australia’s national wheat harvest, a contribution for which he earned the title ‘father of the Australian wheat industry’.

Watermark: Captain Cook in left panel


In recognition of his contribution to Australian agriculture, Macarthur was honoured by a postage stamp issued on the centenary of his death in 1934 (depicting a merino ram).
The Division of Macarthur was named in honour of John and Elizabeth Macarthur in 1949.
John Macarthur’s image and a merino ram appeared on the first Australian $2 note in 1966.
Both the Elizabeth Farm and Camden Park Estates are heritage listed and are now well looked after. They are also available for tours and other events, allowing the public to learn about the history of both.
He is a character in Eleanor Dark’s semi-fictional Australian classic trilogy The Timeless Land. He also features in Naomi Novik’s fantasy novel Tongues of Serpents.

*All details taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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