1988 Australia $10 Bicentennial Issue – AA 23 Last Prefix


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This note still in its original folder and in mint uncirculated condition and has only been removed once for the purpose of photography.

A super little investment note as are all of the first and last prefix serial numbers from this series which are getting harder to find all the time.

Your chance to enhance your portfolio with this AA23 is now.


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For some Australians, particularly Indigenous Australians, Australia Day has become a symbol for adverse effects of British settlement on Australia’s Indigenous people. The celebrations in 1938 were accompanied by an Aboriginal Day of Mourning. A large gathering of Aboriginal people in Sydney in 1988 led an “Invasion Day” commemoration marking the loss of Indigenous culture. The anniversary is also known as “Survival Day” and marked by events such as the Survival Day concert first held in Sydney in 1992, celebrating the fact that the Indigenous people and culture have not been completely wiped out. In response, official celebrations have tried to include Indigenous people, holding ceremonies such as the Woggan-ma-gule ceremony, which was held in Sydney in 2006 and honoured the past and celebrated the present; it involved Indigenous Australians and the Governor of New South Wales.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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