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1988 Australia Post Stamp Pack – Terra Australis I

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1988 Australia Stamp Pack – Terra Australis I – Navigators – Bicentennial CollectionMUH set. Fantastic condition.

Highlighting the 17th Century navigators who touched on Australian shores.

Superb stamps and still in there Australia Post Office Pack.



Post packs as disributed by Australia Post are one of the most favoured means of collecting mint stamps.  They come in a protective folder with information pertaining to their history and source,

Having a guaranteed mint set of stamps is a great asset when it comes to collecting for future returns.


Major explorations continued after the Age of Discovery. By the early seventeenth century, vessels were sufficiently well built and their navigators competent enough to travel to virtually anywhere on the planet by sea. In the 17th century Dutch explorers such as Willem Jansz and Abel Tasman explored the coasts of Australia. European naval exploration mapped the Western and northern coasts of Australia, but the east coast had to wait for over a century, while in the eighteenth century it was English explorer James Cook who mapped much of Polynesia. Cook traveled as far as Alaska.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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