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1988 Australia Post Stamp Pack – First Fleet Arrival

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1988 Australia Stamp PackĀ – First Fleet Arrival – Bicentennial Edition

MNH set. Overall in fantastic condition.

Superb stamps and still in there Australia Post Office Pack.



Australia Post Stamp Pack with stamps celebrating the bicentenary of our nations settlement by Europeans.


First Fleet is the name given to the 11 ships which sailed from Great Britain on 13 May 1787 with about 1487 people to establish the first European colony in New South Wales. It was a convict settlement, marking the beginnings of transportation to Australia. The fleet was led by Captain (later Admiral) Arthur Phillip. The ships arrived at Botany Bay between 18 and 20 January 1788. HMS Supply arrived on 18 January, The Alexander, Scarborough and Friendship arrived on 19 January and the remaining ships on 20 January 1788.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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