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1990 Australia Post Stamp Pack – Gold Fever

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1990 Australia Post Stamp Pack featuring the Goldrush era inĀ Australia.

1990 Goldrush stamps in a near new folder.

Fantastic collectible and images of what really was the birth of Australia as a modern nation.

Strong references to Ballarat and the central Victorian golfields of the day.



1990 Australia Post Stamp pack

Australia #1181 MNH block


During this era Victoria dominated the world’s gold output. Ballarat for a while ranked number one in terms of gold production. Gold discoveries in Beechworth, Ballarat and Bendigo sparked gold rushes similar to the California Gold Rush. At its peak some two tonnes of gold per week flowed into the Treasury Building in Melborne. The gold era evolved Victoria from a sheep grazing economy based around squatters, into an emerging industrial base and small (yeoman) farming community. The social impact of gold was that Victoria’s population boomed and the lack of available land for small farming generated massive social tensions. Those on-going tensions around land and selection (small farming) culminated in the Kelly Outbreak of 1878. Melbourne was a major boomtown during the gold rush. The city became the centre of the colony with rail networks radiating to the regional towns and ports. Politically, Victoria’s goldminers introduced male franchise and secret ballots, based on Charitist principles. As gold dwindled, pressures for land reform, protectionism and political reform grew and generated social struggles. A Land Convention in Melbourne during 1857 demanded land reform. Melbourne became one of the great cities of the British Empire and the world. Following the huge gold rushes were the Chinese in 1854. Their presence on the goldfields of Bendigo, Beechworth and the Bright district resulted in riots, entry taxes, killings and segregation in the short term and became the foundations of the White Australian Policy. In short, the gold rush was a revolutionary event and reshaped Victoria, its society and politics.

*All historical data from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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