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2002 Australia Post Prestige Booklet – Albert Namatjira

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Albert Namatjira – Australia Post Prestige Booklet – 2002

This beautiful prestige booklet celebrates the birth centenary and life and works of one of Australia’s best known indigenous artists.

The booklet is beautiful condition and is getting increasingly harder to obtain.

A great chance here to purchase not only some lovely stamps but what could be considered as some very famous minatures of some of Namatjiras best known watercolours.



This prestige booklet includes sixteen mint stamps plus a mint miniature sheet and two postcards.
The stamps are presented in five panes with decorative borders.
The panes are a miniature sheet, plus four blocks of four stamps which are:

Ghost Gum Mt Sonder
Mt Hermannsburg
Glen Helen Country
Simpsons Gap.

These single design blocks are only available in the prestige booklet.
Exclusive to the prestige booklet are the two postcards.

The interleaved pages and borders of the panes include photographs and paintings by Namatjira and references to his country and culture.


Albert Nammatjira (28 July 1902 – 8 August 1959), born Elea Namatjira, was an Australian artist. He was a Western Arrente man, an Indigenous Australian of the Western MacDonnell Ranges area. Albert Namatjira is perhaps Australia’s best known Aboriginal painter, with his work forming one of the foundations of contemporary Indigenous Australian art. He is best known for his watercolour Australian outback desert landscapes, a style which inspired the Hermannsburg School of Aboriginal Art. While his work is obviously the product of his life and experiences, his paintings are not in the highly symbolic style of traditional Aboriginal art; they are richly detailed depictions.He is also notable for being the first Northern Territory Aborigine to be freed from the restrictions of legislation that made Aborigines wards of the State.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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