1991 Australia Five Dollars -XXV 25th Anniv. Serial


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NPA Mint UNC Extremely Rare Fraser & Cole .Last $5 paper banknote issue with special prefix ‘XXV’ 004901 Serial 25th Anniversary 1967-1992.

Amongst 1ST 5,000 Printed of this Limited Edition. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary $5 Paper Banknote run from 1967 to 1992.

With the 1991 $5 Fraser & Cole Paper Banknote including XXV Roman Numeral as 25th year prefix on the final $5 Paper Notes Issued.

This issue was replaced by the Fraser & Cole QE2 Polymer Design introduced in 1992 that we are more familiar with today.

Hence this rare paper $5 XXXV004901 note would make a very nice acquisition for the discerning collector, particularly given the 1st 5,000 serialing low number plus 25th Anniv ‘XXV’ Prefix.

A special serial paper banknote and a pristine example to put away for the future for the discerning investor that appreciates something rarer.

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