1992 Australia Five Dollars Polymer – AA11


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This one from the very first run of 5 dollar polymer notes ever released in Australia. Unique and highly collectible in every way.

A pristine example of the first five dollar polymer. This one with the dark green serial number.

An essential note in any collection coming from the first five dollar polymer notes in existence.

These notes will not last.  Key dates never do.

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In 1978 the Fraser government decided to proceed with a new building on Capital Hill, and the Parliament House Construction Authority was created. A two-stage competition was announced, for which the Authority consulted the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and, together with the National Capital Development Commission, made available to competitors a brief and competition documents. The design competition drew 329 entries from 29 countries.

The competition winner was the New York-based architectural firm of Mitchell/Giurgola, with the on-site work directed by Italian architect Romaldo Giurgola, with a design which involved burying most of the building under Capital Hill, and capping the edifice with an enormous spire topped by a large Australian flag. The facades, however, included deliberate imitation of some of the patterns of the Old Parliament House, so that there is a slight resemblance despite the massive difference of scale.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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