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A general prefix banknote from the new Next Generation $5 series from Australia in mint condition.

UNC and never circulated. Simply a beautiful note!

Be quick to avail yourself of these truly fine numismatic collectibles before the market rises.


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There have been five different issues of this $5 denomination:

A paper note which had a gradient of mauve, with a distinct black overprint.

The first Polymer banknote issue, which can be recognised for its distinct mauve colouration and numeral font, was first issued in pale mauve (1992). A number of people found it difficult to distinguish from the $10 banknote, especially in poor lighting conditions.

In 1995, a second polymer issue was created, distinguishable by its deeper shade and different font for the numeral.

A federation commemorative was issued in 2001 for that year only. Notes featured Sir Henry Parkes on the obverse and Catherine Helen Spence on the reverse.

From 1 September 2016, a new design of the note was debuted with more security features and a 3D tactile feature for those with vision difficulties. This new note has a clear strip, roughly in the middle of the note. This note has caused problems in vending machines, that have not been designed for the note.

The initial paper five-dollar note was designed by Gordon Andrews, with Russell Drysdale as the Reserve Bank of Australia’s artistic advisor. This note featured portraits of Sir Joseph Banks and Caroline Chisholm, as well as elevations of Sydney streets from Joseph Fowles’ “Sydney in 1848”, the cover of the Shipping Gazette, a watercolour of the Waverley, and a handbill of a meeting of the Family Colonization Loan Society. All of these images were sourced from the State Library of New South Wales.

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