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2016 Australia Five Dollars Next Generation First Prefix AA16 x 5 – 2

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A superb run of 5 of the first prefix notes from the new Australian $5 series.

Runs of uncirculated first prefix banknotes are highly desirable items for investment and the serious collector.

You will not find a nicer set of these notes anywhere as perfect is perfect.

Look to the future and put these treasures aside for your collection today.





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A counterfeiting incident in 2010, where increased volumes of high-quality polymer $50 counterfeits entered into circulation over a short period, illustrates the emerging threat to the current banknote series and how quickly a concerted attack can develop. Of  particular concern was the fact that the counterfeits contained high-quality and consistent replications of the clear window, embossing and the white Southern Cross pattern within the clear window, and were therefore more difficult for the public to detect than most other counterfeits.

Notwithstanding the fact that the cost of manufacturing the counterfeits was significant, this incident highlighted the challenges posed by technological innovation and the access that smaller counterfeiting operations increasingly have to more sophisticated printing and scanning equipment.

While counterfeiting of banknotes from the current series has arisen mostly through domestic channels, threats to the security of Australian banknotes can also be observed through two significant international incidents. The first was in 2006 and related to a criminal network in Colombia attempting to counterfeit Australian $100 banknotes (RBA 2006).

The partially completed counterfeits had a face value in excess of $5 million, were printed on plastic film, and contained high-quality reproductions of the design, clear window, white pattern within the clear window and shadow image.

Taken from: 
The Next Generation Banknote Project on Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin | March Quarter 2014

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