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2012 Celebrate Australia – World Heritage Sites $1 Coin Collection

Collecting Australian Coins: Are They Worth it?

I have been asked this question relating to Australian numismatics many times, “Are Australian coins worth collecting?”

Australian numismatics refers to the study and collection of coins, banknotes, and other currency-related items that have been issued in Australia or have some connection to Australian history or culture. Australian numismatics is a popular hobby among collectors both within Australia and around the world, with a wide range of numismatic items available for collectors to acquire.

Popular areas of Australian numismatics are the collection of Australian coins, both circulating and commemorative. Australian circulating coins have been produced since the introduction of decimal currency in 1966 and feature a range of iconic designs, such as the kangaroo and the platypus. Australian commemorative coins are also highly sought after, with coins issued to commemorate significant events, anniversaries, and other milestones in Australian history.

One of the most famous areas of Australian numismatics is the gold rush era, which saw a significant increase in gold production in Australia in the mid-1800s. This led to the establishment of several private mints that produced gold coins, including the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint. These gold sovereign coins are highly sought after by collectors today and can be quite valuable. Another popular area of Australian numismatics is the pre-decimal coins that were produced before Australia switched to a decimal currency system in 1966. These coins include the popular florin, shilling, and threepence coins, which feature iconic designs such as the Australian Coat of Arms and the famous kangaroo design on the one penny coin.

Australian Coins
One Penny Coins
One Florin
Florin coins


In addition to coins, Australian numismatics also encompasses a range of other currency-related items, such as tokens, medallions, and other commemorative items. These items often feature designs that are unique to Australian history and culture, and can be highly prized by collectors. Australian silver coins are highly collectible for several reasons, including their high-quality design, limited mintage, and the historical and cultural significance of the designs featured on the coins.


Australia 1770-1970 James Cook Bicentennial Token

Australia 1770-1970 James Cook Bicentennial Token

The Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint coin manufacturers in Australia are known for producing coins with intricate designs and attention to detail that make them stand out from all other coins around the world. When we were first introduced to the domed series of coins from Royal Australia Mint, with the striking Southern Cross, Orion and Pavo designs the rest of the world also took note and prices quickly soared.


2012 2013 2014 Southern Sky $5 Domed Silver Coins Crux Pavo Orion
First series of the domed coins from 2012 to 2014.

Another major reason I believe is that Australian silver coins are popular among collectors because of their very limited mintage. Many of these coins are produced in extremely limited quantities, which means that they are rare and hard to find, making them much more valuable to collectors. Additionally, some coins are only produced for a short period of time, making them even more so collectible. Good examples of these limited mintage coins are ones such as those released to celebrate 50 Years of Australian Decimal Currency.

Only 2,000 sets were released.
2012 Kookaburra Map Shaped $1 Silver Coin
Mintage was less than 6,000 worldwide



The designs featured on Australian silver coins also play a significant role in their collectibility. Many of these coins feature iconic Australian designs, such as the kangaroo, kookaburra, and koala, which are instantly recognizable and have a strong cultural and historical significance in Australia.





Coins that feature designs related to significant historical or cultural events in Australia’s history, such as the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games or the ANZAC Centenary, are also highly sought after by collectors. Finally, Australian silver coins are considered to be a safe investment by many collectors. The value of silver tends to rise over time, making these coins a good long-term investment for collectors who want to see a return on their investment over time. Overall, Australian silver coins are collectible for their high-quality design, limited mintage, historical and cultural significance, and their value as a long-term investment. These factors make them a popular choice among coin collectors both in Australia and around the world.

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