1918 Darlehnskassenscheine 1000 Marks A2430978


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This note is a replica copy of the original banknote. Uncirculated notes are extremely hard to find from the last year of World War 1 so as a collection filler this note may well be just what you are looking for even if it is a copy.

These notes were orginally issued by the National Debt Office for loans and cash certificates. they were accepted payment by all of the various state banking funds as payment. Despite the fact that they were not recognised as legal tender they played a vital role in trade negotiations especially in the smaller denominations of 1 and 2 Mark notes. These special State Loan Currency Notes were issued by the Reichsschuldenverwaltung in Berlin between 1914 and 1922. With the advent of hyperinflation in 1923 they were virtually worthless.

The note bears the 7 digit serial number and green signatures and were circulated inn Lithuania until 1922 during the German occupation.

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