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1921 Blumenthal Emergency Money Notgeld Full Set

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Here is a pristine full set of the  the emergency money / notgeld banknotes issued in the District of Blumenthal in 1921.

They are large notes for notgeld and the ink colouration is like new.

The paper is firm and crisp and they have been nearly perfectly preserved for nearly a century.

Depicting scenes of local industry and landscapes it is clear that the town was close to the major industries of Bremen.

A great set for any collection of this period of German banknotes.



Blumenthal Gemeinde (Hannover, Germany)
3 notes: 25, 50, 75 Pfennig (full set of notgeld / emrgency money)
Issued: 25.07.1921
Catalogue no.: G/M 123.1a.
Dimensions: 100 mm x 70 mm
Grade: UNC


Blumenthal was a district in the Prussian province of Hanover. The county seat was located in the town of Blumenthal. Today the former county area essentially forms a large part of the Bremen Town district and the northern Lower Saxony municipality of Schwanewede.

Blumenthal was formed on 1 April 1885 as a district in the province of Hanover from the old Office Blumenthal and the communities Aschwarden-Bruch and Hinnebeck. The original number of 39 municipalities was reduced by incorporations until 1932 to from 39 to 22. The district of Blumenthal in 1932 dissolved and merged with the district Osterholz by a regulation of the Prussian Ministry of State.

Of the communities formerly within the circle of Blumenthal were  Aumund, Farge, Grohn, Lesum (with Burgdamm and St. Magnus) and Schönebeck and all of these were incorporated eventually into the city of Bremen. Most of the remaining municipalities of the former district of Blumenthal were in 1974 under municipal reform amalgamated into the district Osterholz after Schwanewede.

Blumenthal, Farge and Rekum became part of the city of Bremen in 1939.

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