1988 Ten Dollars Bicentennial Issue – AB10 – First Prefix A


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This note is the first prefix from the 2nd release.

It is in mint condition.

It also has the additional bonus of being miscut on the lower edge.

A problem that the printers had to overcome given the slippery nature of the note sheets they were cutting. Hard to find as UNC and highly collectible.

Ever since their release these notes have proved to be incredibly popular with collectors and investors alike.

This one a lovely example for any collection.

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The rising of Venus marks an important ceremony of the Yolngu, who call it Barnumbirr (“Morning Star and Evening Star”) They gather after sunset to await the rising of the planet. As she approaches, in the early hours before dawn, the Yolngu say that she draws behind her a rope of light attached to the island of Baralku on Earth, and along this rope, with the aid of a richly decorated “Morning Star Pole”, the people are able to communicate with their dead loved ones, showing that they still love and remember them.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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