1990 Royal Australian Mint – Proof Coin Set


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A proof set which is still in its original packaging. The box cover is an aboriginal painting called, "Yathalamarra Waterhole".

The painting was done by the reknown aboriginal artist David Malangi of the Manharrngu people, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. He reached national acclaim when his design for the One Dollar paper banknote was accepted. Australian Aboriginals believe that in another time, the ‘dreamtime’, ancestral spirits wandered the earth in both animal and human forms. On their travels they created the features of the land: trees, waterholes, rivers and rock formations. They also controlled the movements of the sun and moon, rain clouds, stars and tides. The coins within this set celebrate Australia’s natural heritage and pay tribute to our oldest natural inhabitants. The feather tail glider, the frill necked lizard, the spiny ant eater, the lyre bird, the platypus, the kangaroo and the emu are joined by Australia’s earliest human inhabitant the aborigine.

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