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2005 Michael Leunig Sydney Morning Herald Calendar New

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What else can be said about a decade old Michael Leunig calendar in pristine condition other than

amazing and fantastic. This one from the Sydney Morning Herald is like new

We have another on offer on the site but it does have a fold in it and was issued by the Melbourne Age.

This is a scarce offering and first person in, gets it. Don’t be slow.

Your 2005 calendar is reusable in:
2011, 2022, 2033, 2039, 2050, 2061, 2067, 2078, 2089, 2095, and 2101.



Year – 2005

Artist – Michael Leunig

Issued by – Sydney Morning Herald – Fairfax Media

Soft cover with a different cartoon for each of the 12 months.

Topic – Australian politics, humour, social commentary

Full colour plates

29.7cm x 21cm (when closed)

ISBN 0610696076694


Quotes from Michael Leunig.

“This life is actually very exhausting. It doesn’t give humans much time to contemplate anything. We are not resting ourselves and there is the feeling we have got to keep working and pushing really hard. So I draw the person running and running and running-for no apparent reason. And suddenly I find that I have touched on something that is perhaps universal.” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

“While Australians may have uncertainties about the authenticity of their man-made culture, there can be no doubt that the land beneath their feet that stretches into the unknown beyond their horizons is utterly real and natural. It has identity and integrity. It has soul. Yet all too easily a nation that is predominantly urban in character may lose sight of its natural setting and spirit of country – and be all the poorer, sadder and less vital for such loss of connection; it may suffer some deadening loss of imagination, joyous humility and visionary innocence. A nation may turn its back on its greatest source of wisdom and underestimate how much it needs the natural world.” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

“Cacocracy – Governmental rule by the worst, the least able, the most unsuitable, despicable and incompetent people. EG: The two tramps sat on the park bench and agreed that if they were in government they would make a hash of it and cause the country to fall into despair, dysfunction, stupidity and a squalid quagmire of petty conflict. ‘Lucky we’re not in charge of the country mate’ said one of the tramps as he swigged from his bottle, ‘the system would end up being a bloody cacocracy.” – MICHAEL LEUNIG

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