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2010 Michael Leunig Sydney Morning Herald Calendar New

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This 2010 calendar from Sydney Morning Herald featuring the cartoons of Australia’s legendary Michael Leunig is now on offer.

Older copies of Leunig’s calendars are extremely difficult to acquire in mint condition. This one here has never been hung and is in mint pristine condition.

Here at Noteworthy Collectibles we try to offer the best possible items available and a great deal of time and effort goes into sourcing these items.

Your opportunity to pick up this rarer calendar from 2010 is now.

Your 2010 calendar is reusable in:
2021, 2027, 2038, 2049, 2055, 2066, 2077, 2083, 2094, 2100, and 2106.



Year – 2010

Artist – Michael Leunig

Issued by – Sydney Morning Herald – Fairfax Media

Soft cover with a different cartoon for each of the 12 months.

Topic – Australian politics, humour, social commentary

Full colour plates

29.7cm x 21cm (when closed)

ISBN 0610696076694


Quotes from Michael Leunig.

In order to be truthful we must do more than speak the truth. We must also hear truth, receive truth, search for truth. – Michael Leunig

The cartoonist’s task is not so much to be balanced as to give balance, particularly in situations of disproportionate power relationships such as we see in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. – Michael Leunig

If European symbols and traditions have grown tired, perfunctory and oppressively banal in Australia, or been drained of spirit and meaning by the dreary dictates of materialism and secularity, then the raw spirit truth of our native land is alive and radiant by comparison. For joy and meaning we might well turn to our natural country and witness miracles of vitality and new life, of inspiration and profound beauty; all in some humble, quiet and improbable place. – Michael Leunig

There was all this loneliness in my cartoons and people would say, “Gee, these characters are so lonely, disconnected, depressed.” And I’d say, ‘Yeah well, that’s not me. I’m just interested in that because I think it makes a funny drawing.’ But later I understood it was me in many respects; my hand was doing it ahead of the head’s understanding. – Michael Leunig

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