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2011 Michael Leunig Short Notes From The Long History Of Happiness

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For decades Michael Leunig has delighted and enthralled people across Australia and around the world. As an elder statesman for Australia his religious and political influence is widely felt through his poetry, artworks and cartoons.

In the foreword of this book he has written,

“Happiness is the child of Love and Truth,

Who struggled just to live yet found each other;

And in the crib of all their weariness

Their little happiness lay sleeping.”

Originally published in 1996 this reprint is from 2011 and was rereleased due to demand.

The book on offer here is one of his more recent offerings but the messages within as always are thought provoking and often a challenge to the status quo.

Leunig’s cartoons remain timeless in their simple forms and heart warming messages. If the clutter in your life and soul is piling up then a book like this is just the remedy to help see the world anew and move on in a more positive light.

Some cartoons have previously appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age.

Overall the book is in near new condition and is a fine addition to any library.

Please see the pictures and enjoy the small sample of his work from within.



Physical Description
Title – Short Notes From The Long History Of Happiness

Author – Leunig, Michael

104 pages of illustrations; poems and prose 23 x 15 cm.

Subjects include Australian wit and humor, pictorial caricatures and cartoons

Published by Penguin Group Australia Victoria Australia


ISBN 0143565400

Language: English

Weight 186g

Language English


Michael Leunig here in this 2013 lecture discusses Happiness and its causes. Tools and techniques for a happier life.

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