2016 Australia Five Dollars Next Generation Banknote EB16x2


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Here are a fantastic pair of sequential banknotes from the new Next Generation Five Dollars banknote.

Little pairs like this one can really boost a collections quality.

Truly fresh and unmarked. Both notes are UNC.

Double the investment possibility as well.


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A simplified account of where and how are the new $5 notes are produced.

Australia’s banknotes are produced on a 26 hectare site at Craigieburn in Victoria, by Note
Printing Australia Limited. The property is well secured with high-security fencing, armed security
guards 24 hours a day and highly sophisticated security and surveillance devices.

Before banknotes can be distributed around the country, a series of processes must occur.

Banknotes are printed on sheets of polymer substrate (a type of plastic). The first step is to
print the background colours and patterns onto both sides of the sheet at the same time using a
machine called a ‘simultan printing machine’. These machines can print up to 8,000 sheets per

Next, the major design elements, such as portraits, are printed using Intaglio printing machines
(a special type of printing). These create a raised print which is one of the important security
features of the polymer bank notes.

Then, a letterpress printer adds serial numbers to the sheets, before they go through a final print
run. In the final run, the sheets are given two coats of protective overcoat ink which protects the
banknotes and helps to keep them clean.

Finally, a guillotine is used to cut the printed sheets into individual banknotes before they are
transported through machines that count, band and remove any imperfect banknotes. The
banknotes are then shrink-wrapped, moved onto pallets and stored until ready for distribution. 

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