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1829 Antique Map of Oceania – Australia – Polynesia

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Lapie – 1st Geographer to the King – Paris 1829

Map of Oceania – Australia – Polynesia

Conservation: good door seal dry.  

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39 x 54 cms + margins

Has normal vertical fold at the binding tab.

Map published by Eymery and Frugeret and Co., Rue Mazarine No. 30 Paris

Paper: Vellum

From Lapie ” Atlas of Universal Geography ”

We absolutely guarantee authenticity.




Pierre M. Lapie (1779 – 1850) and his son Alexandre Emile Lapie (1809 – 1850) were French cartographers and engravers active in the early part of the 19th century. The Lapies were commissioned officers in the French army holding the ranks of Colonel and Capitan, respectively. Alexander had the title of “First Geographer to the King”, and this title appears on several of his atlases. Both father and son were exceptional engravers and fastidious cartographers.

Working separately and jointly they published four important atlases

1811 Atlas of the French Empire by Alexander

1812 Atlas Classique et Universel by Pierre

Atlas Universel de Geographie Ancienne et Modern which they made together.

1848 Atlas Militaire by Alexander.

They also issued many smaller maps and independent issues. All of these are products of exceptional beauty and detail. Despite producing many beautiful maps and atlases the work of the Lapies remains mostly underappreciated by most modern collectors and map historians.

The late 19th century cartographer A. H. Dufour claimed to be a student of Lapie.

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