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1999 Michael Leunig – Goat Person and Other Tales Cartoon Book


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Collection of Cartoons135 Pages – Paperback

Condition: Second Hand – Above average

The book on offer here was purchased from a store in New York and unfortunately they applied some labels to the spine. Rather than damage the spine or tear the underlying paper we have left the labels in place.  They do not detract to badly as the overall book is in wonderful condition.

If your looking for Australian wit and humour, a pictorial adventure, cariactures and cartoons to warm your life then here they are. Why do we do it? Who are we? What’s happening and where’s it all going to end? A collection of challenging enquiries, cartoons, fables, theories and verses which include, "Why do we do it?"; The Banished Angel; Gunk; The good uses of a tired husband; The Groovy Architects; The housewife’s guide to sexual happiness; The Festival of Alans; The Moron’s Bark; Crazy Directory; Quilt Rage;

The amazing Goatperson will bring it all to you.

Renowned cartoonist Michael Leunig is undoubtedly one of Australia’s endearing favorites. He is one of the very few Australians to be honored with the "National Trust Living Treasure" accolade in 1999.

Simply a fabulous cartoon book.


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