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1910 REICHSBANKNOTE 1000 MARK 4580907L

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It is hard to believe that this huge banknote has come through the last 100 years without a single mark on it.

It has been meticulously stored and is the paper is crisp as if it had been printed yesterday.

There are a great many inferior version on the market for sale but this one is like the star on top of the Christmas tree. It shines in its own right.

Opportunities like this are not so common. Here is your chance.




1910 Issue – Reichsbanknote – Imperial Bank Notes
Catalogue: Wor:P-44b/3, Ro45e
Issued: 21st April 1910
Size: 187 mm x 110 mm
Grade: Uncirculated – mint


When this beautiful treasury banknote was printed in 1910 the Chancellor of the Germany Empire was Theobald Theodor Friedrich Alfred von Bethmann Hollweg. He held this position from 1909 until 1917.

He was born in 1856 and lived until 1921. Only 65 short years but years in which he achieved a great deal. He was born to the family of a Prussian official, Felix von Bethmann Hollweg.

His school years were spent in a variety of establishments which included a boarding school in Schulpforta and three different universities in Berlin, Strasbourg and Leipzig. In 1889 he rose to the position of the President of the Province of Brandenburg. he served further in the roles Prussian Minister for the Interior and then Imperial State Secretary before finally being appointed to the position of Chancellor in 1909.

Theobold was for a long time engaged in trying to halt the naval arms race with Britain. He made friends with British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey whilst negotiating treaties. Just prior to the outbreak of World War One he was still working towards a solution when the intervention of Russia into the crisis occurred. It was then plain that Britain was going to be a part of the ensuing crisis and before negotiations could go any further the entire matter of defusing the arms race was taken out of his hands.

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