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1942 Australia Ten Shillings – F35

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This is a beautiful example from this era.

The note has some very minor marks but essentially it almost uncirculated. The enlarged images show them quite clearly.

Handling over the years will always take its wear even when done so by the most meticulous collector,

The note itself has no pinholes or tears, borders are good and the colour is strong.

A truly fantastic investment note and a solid boost to your portfolio.





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Obverse:George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions from 11 December 1936 until his death.

Reverse:A picture of various „Manufactures“ plying their various trades.

Watermark:Captain Cook in left hand oval . The word ’Half’ also sits behind each of the signatories.

The first signature combination of Sheehan/McFarlane was printed in orange, while the remaining combinations until 1954 were printed in black.


Nothing is more Australian than the to shorten words or phrases to something more instantly recognizable within the local dialect. Colloquialisms abound in the land down under and some of them are very humorous indeed. Peoples names are probably first and foremost (Gazza, Stevo, Bluey etc.) This abbreviation of terms is applied to most everyday things and this includes the currency of the land.

The original settlers from British Isles brought with them the currency nicknames from their homeland and applied them similarly to the local coin of the realm. True to Aussie form however we too have come up with our own fair share of tags.

If we look back at the currency prior to decimalisation in 1966 we then had pounds, shillings and pence as our currency. The various denominations therein had a huge variety of nicknames which were in the main derived from their British equivalent.

The Ten Shillings bank note was spoken and written as  Ten Shillings, 10/, Ten Bob, Half a Quid, a Teddy (a redesigned smaller version of Australian pre-decimal 10/note which was first issued in 1933) or Half a Fiddly (derived from the one pound slang of Quid – Fid- Fiddly).

You have to love it.

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