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2010 Australia Stamp Pack – Centenary of Powered Flight

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Australia Stamp PackĀ – Centenary of Powered Flight – 2010

Celebrating 100 years of powered flight in Australia this Stamp PackĀ has the 3 stamps issued for the occasion.

Featuring Harry Houdini, John Duigan and Colin Defries.

Beautifully presented as always by Australia Post and destined to be a huge collectible.



Australia Post Post Pack – Themed on early aviation in Australia


The first balloon flights took place in Australia in the late 1800s while Bill Wittber and then escapologist Harry Houdini made Australia’s first controlled flights in 1910. Wittber was conducting taxiing tests in a Bleriot XI aircraft in March 1910 in South Australia when he suddenly found himself about five feet in the air (Wittber’s Hop). He flew about 40feet (12m) before landing. South Australia’s other aviation firsts include the first flight from England to Australia by brothers Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith in their Vickers Vimy bomber, the first Arctic flight by South Australian born Sir Hubert Wilkins and the first Australian born astronaut, Andy Thomas.

*All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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