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One of the rarer banknotes to be released in the mayhem of the hyperinflation era in Germany was this little note.

There was such a massive profusion of varying banknotes at this time that a great many were being sold for scrap paper or even being used in place of wood to heat homes and to cook on. This small denomination note however did survive.

Shortly after the release of this note on 17th March 1924 the issuing society was dissolved and no further notes were printed.

Here for your collection is a great example at a hard to beat price.

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Issuer: Darlehnskassen
value: One Mark
Issued:15. 9.1922 – 29.4.1924
Catalogue: Ro.73a / Pick 61
Grade: Mint Uncirculated
Size: 59 mm x 84 mm

N.B. These were among the last notes ever printed by the Darlehnskasse before it was official dissolved in March 1924.


During these times when the German economy was going into meltdown a great many stories arose surrounding the people and how the inflation affected their everyday lives. Some of these  stories are almost beyond belief.

One I recently came across was a housewife who was paying about 25 cents for an egg in 1918 at the end of World war One when prices were already far higher than usual.

When the banknote on offer here was released around 4 years later she was then paying about 180 Marks which is an increase of about 7,200 percent. Just one more year later and that sum had altered wildly to become the sum of 80 billion Marks and she would have needed a wheel barrow to go shopping for carrying just the banknotes.

In retrospect, had she spent that same amount of money 5 years before buying eggs she would have walked away with 320,000,000,000 of them and would have needed a fleet of trucks let alone a wheel barrow.

I doubt if it was a time for placing all of your eggs in the one basket.

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