1991 Australia Ten Dollars MPB Without PIL


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This note is almost perfect. If you view the section of the Francis Howard Greenway portrait you will notice to the lower left some extremely light crinkling in the paper.

It is from the final year of paper banknote production and has no plate identification letter.

The final 1991 year of production is split into 2 Renniks categories, those with and those without the plate letter.

Regardless, this is still a very nice note for any collection.

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Obverse:Francis Howard Greenway (20 November 1777 – September 1837) was an iconic colonial architect in Australia.

Reverse:Henry Lawson (17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922) was an Australian writer and poet . Along with his contemporary Banjo Paterson, Lawson is among the best-known Australian poets and fiction writers of the colonial period, and is often called Australia’s “greatest writer”.

Watermark: Captain Cook in left panel


Plate Identification Letters are tiny letters found on the Australian banknotes in nearly all paper decimal note denominations. The markings were mainly to assist with quality control. Plate Identification Letters were due to be phased out in 1990. During the final run of printing the 1993 Fraser Cole $10 banknotes one of the 3 plates got damaged and was replaced by a plate bearing a PIL. As there were three plates on the printing drum only every third note was printed with a PIL. As a result the final 1991 year of production is split into 2 Renniks categories, those with and those with out the plate letter. The rarer notes being thos with the PIL.

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