2008 Australia Fifty Dollars – AL 08 – Semi Solid


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This note is in mint UNC condition apart from a light small corner fold in the lower right of the obverse.

It has the added value of the semi solid serial numbering in the 9999.

Even though it is only a few years old it is starting to add value very quickly.

Now is the time to secure this period of printing for your future investment portfolio.

Please see the pictures to judge for yourself.

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Edith Dircksey Cowan (née Brown), MBE (2 August 1861 – 9 June 1932) was an Australian politician, social campaigner and the first woman elected to an Australian parliament.
Edith Brown was born and raised in Glengarry Station near Geraldton, Western Australia on 2 August 1861. The second daughter of Kenneth Brown and Mary Eliza Dircksey née Wittenoom, she was born into an influential and respected family that included her grandfathers Thomas Brown and John Burdett Wittenoom, and an uncle, Maitland Brown. 

When she was seven years old her mother died in childbirth, and her father sent her to a Perth boarding school run by the Cowan sisters, whose brother James she would later marry. Her father remarried, but the marriage was unhappy and he began to drink heavily. When Edith was fifteen, her father shot and killed his second wife, and was subsequently hanged for the crime.

After her father’s death, Edith Brown left her boarding school and moved to Guildford, probably to live with her grandmother. There, she attended the school of Canon Sweeting, a former headmaster of Bishop Hale’s School who had taught a number of prominent men including John Forrest and Septimus Burt. According to her biographer, Sweeting’s tuition left Brown with “a life-long conviction of the value of education, and an interest in books and reading”.

At the age of eighteen (12 November 1879) she married James Cowan, a career public servant who had held numerous positions and was at that time Registrar and Master of the Supreme Court. They lived in Malcolm Street, West Perth for most of their lives, but are also well known for having one of the first houses in Cottesloe, where they lived from 1896 to 1912.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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